Lamb Joints

British lamb is without no doubt the best in the marketplace. Legs for carvery's, saddles and racks for banqueting, lamb shanks, lamb rumps and Barnsley chops for the pub/bistro, shoulders for diced/cubed meat for casseroles and curries. All our supplier's lamb is sourced from top quality local and regional farms, which all farm to EBLEX and Red Tractor Assured standards that will ensure the excellent eating quality that you expect. To keep a throughput of lamb throughout the year our supplier also uses high quality lamb imported from high quality farmers in New Zealand.

5lb English Lamb Leg

Fresh Whole Bone in English Spring Lamb Leg



3lb Leg of Lamb Joint

Bone in New Zealand Leg of Lamb Joint



Jumbo Lamb Shanks

20oz Restaurant Quality Bone in Lamb Shank